Florida Girls – Monologue (Eulene)

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A monologue from the play by Nancy Hasty

EULENE (fifties)

Eulene lives next door to the Van Helmes and tends to look on the dark side of things. She has agreed to look after their house when they go to visit their grandmother, and wishes them a “bon voyage” as only a true pessimist can.

Well, Rogene, don’t you worry about a thing! We’re going to take care of your house while you’re gone. I wanted to come over last night, but Roberta said ”no-o-o-o, Eulene, it’s too late.”

What? You don’t know? Your girls didn’t tell you last night? Christine? Dee Dee? Rogene!! Do you know what we saw- -big as life—in your front yard? A MAN! About yea tall! Rogene, he was prowling through your bushes!

There he was peeking in your picture window…the next minute, he’s back at your front door! And then he just disappeared around the corner of the house. (Following Rogene around the kitchen:)

So-we called Sheriff Bob Tomlin. At first, well, you know how he is—”Eulene, did you see Big Foot again, or was it the Hinney Boys?” I said, “Sheriff Bob, this time it wasn’t the Hinney Boys!!”

After I gave him a piece of my mind, he sent a cruiser out and we looked high and we looked low. That’s when the Deputy talked to your girls, but they said they didn’t see or hear a thing.

I’ll tell you one thing— Eulene Henderson’s getting a pistol and then we’ll see what’s what!!! Anyway, I just came over here to tell you that we’re going to take care of your house while you’re gone.

We’re going to work relays by that window yonder if we have to. Don’t thank me, Rogene, that’s what neighbors are for. (She starts out, then turns back:) Ya’ll just be care-r-r-r-ful driving.

Roberta heard on the radio this morning that a whole family was killed right out here on Highway 85. (To Christine:) Well, Christine, evidently their car stalled…and then a big semi came up from around the corner and just ran ALL NINE OF THEM OVER!!!!

(Glancing at her watch:) Well, I gotta go. So ya’ll just go on your vacation and have fun!

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