Fedra – Monologue (Fedra)

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A monologue from the play by J. Nicole Brooks


Who would have thought it, nurse! All this time I had a rival. The chastity belt has been loosened! While I couldn’t tame him, Aricia did. Oh, yeah, pick up your jaw, nurse.

This whole time that I have suffered ecstasies of passion, the horrors of remorse- she had his heart. I was out of my skull for him and the whole time those two were f***ing!

How? How could this be? When? When did it begin? You never told me about their stolen hours. Have they been seen together? Of course they have. Oh, gods.

What do you think they do together? I bet he plays his stupid guitar to her on the beach. Do they sip milkshakes from the same glass?

Ride bikes in tandem? Play Yahtzee? Is that it, nurse? You seem to have had answers for everything else!

Oh, now you’re quiet? Ain’t that a b*tch?

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