Everything Will Be Different: A Brief History Of Troy – Monologue (Charlotte)

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A monologue from the play by Mark Schultz


I am so resolved. I am so ready. There is a world and I will see it. And you won’t stop me. I will have adventures. I will be like an explorer.

I will make new friends. I will fall in love. I will be like Christopher Colombus or Francis Drake or like Magellan or whatever.

Because there is a world and I am determined. And when I come back? If I come back? No one will recognize me.

I will be like a movie star or like a famous person and no one will recognize me and I will see through everyone. I will see through everyone. Even you.

I will look right through you and you will look at me, and you’ll think to yourself who the hell is that and I will just smile at you.

I’ll just smile and I’ll mumble something like profound or something really famous like a famous something like what someone famous would say because that’s who I ‘ll be because I’ll know a lot more,

I’ll know a hell of a lot more when I come back. Or maybe I’ll just say, “F*** you” because I can see through you. F*** you. Under my breath.

To the wall. To the f***ing wall. I’ll see through you to the f***ing wall and you won’t even know that you’re nothing to me. And I’ll say f*** you and you’ll think Is she talking to me?

And you won’t even know. You are a ghost to me. And I don’t care. Everyone a f***ing ghost. Everyone. And I’m the only one.

I’m the only one who means more than you or anyone else.

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