Enfrascada – Monologue (Cat)

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A monologue from the play by Tanya Sarcho

CAT (forty)

When a terrible breakup turns Alicia’s world upside down she turns to Folk Magic to heal her suffering. Cat, a conjure woman of the Hoodoo tradition, helps Alicia revive her boyfriend’s love for her through carefully engineered magic.

Hhmmm… Tell you what. I’m going to do the “Intranquil Spirit” for you and I’ll throw in a “B*tch Be Gone” for that little tramp. Make that b*tch be good and gone forever.

That still won’t fix you two when he does come back, but we’ll worry about that when we come to it. For that I will charge you $125 and I like you, so I’m going to give you a spell to do on your own that will probably help more than anything.

This spell is older than almost any spell I know. This spell, it’s in the Bible, girl. You ever made a honey jar? Write this down. You take a jar. Any jar. You put a whole thing of honey in there, two cinnamon sticks, and some brown sugar.

Then you tear off a piece of brown paper bag write his name on it, then you put your name in a circle trapping him nine times- His whole God-given name. Written clockwise. You close it up real tight. So tight.

Then everyday. Now you gotta do this EVERYDAY. You shake it. You shake that honey jar. You shake it and think lovely things. You think about when he used to make love to you, when he used to rub your feet and tell you nice things.

You think about the times he made your legs shake like a doggy. Anything that you can feel in your body. Put all you energy into this honey jar, to sweeten him back to you. (dead serious, very clear)

And no matter what. No matter what, you NEVER-ever open the jar. Listen very carefully, you open the jar, the whole thing sours. You understand that? While you do that,

I’ll be working on your “Intranquil” and your “B*tch Be Gone.” And no, that’s not a necessarily nice spell. But you leave that one to me.

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