Election – Monologue (Tracy)

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A monologue from the screenplay by Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor


Wait – are you accusing me? You”re not serious. (indignant) I can”t… Mr. McAllister, we have worked together on SGA for three solid years and… I mean, I can”t believe it. I”m… I”m shocked!Mr. M., I am running on my qualifications.

I would never need to resort to, you know, to vandalism like a, you know… Plus, my own best banner was torn down. Did I do that too? As you know, with all my responsibilities I often come in on the weekend and have permission to do so.

But I left very early, around 6:30. I just know they were there when I left. I”m giving you helpful information is all. You know, instead of wasting time interrogating me, we should be out there trying to find out who did this.

It could have been anybody. There are a lot of, you know, subversive elements around Millard. You know, like Rick Thieson and Kevin Speck and those burn-outs. Or Doug Schenken – what about him?

Or what about Tammy Metzier? Her whole thing is being anti-this and anti-that.

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