Detroit – Monologue (Sharon)

A monologue from the play by Lisa d’Amour


I can’t believe we’re actually going! Do you know the campground is only twelve miles away from here? I’ve googled it so many times.

In case of emergency. I sit there and look at the website and imagine. I think nature is really going to help.

Mary, every day really is a new day. But Mary, I open my eyes every morning and all I want is a pipe to smoke.

It’s like there’s a fire burning in the center of my head, Mary, and the pipe is the water that will put it out. 

And I say this at our meetings, and they are all very supportive, but the fire only goes down a little bit. Every day, all day.

And in the middle of this burning I am supposed to envision my life, Mary. 

I’m supposed to set goals and maybe take night classes that will expand my horizons. And I guess that works, Mary, I guess so.

But to be honest I feel like the real opportunities are the ones that fall into your lap. Like winning the lottery or someone’s rich uncle needing a personal assistant.

That almost happened to me once, Mary. And everything would have been different.

Read the play here

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