Demon Wine – Monologue (Mary)

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A monologue from the play by Thomas Babe

MARY (thirties)

Mary is a woman with a less-than-wholesome past who is currently the mistress of a crime boss. Her brash wit catches the attention of Jimmie, a man who has recently gone to work for the mob.

Mary has spent many nights in motel rooms and is quite an expert on the Bible. Here, she expresses her admiration of Biblical heroines.

I read the Bible, you know, Jimmie, when I was but little. There were heroes therein, and ladies. Now, these were not ordinary people, but they had grand times. First one of them would conquer something and be resplendent in the armor and the sweat and,

also, the “many wounds on the body,” as Father McGrath would explain, and then they would repair to the tents pitched, as Father McGrath further explained, “at the calm outworks of the male encounter.”

Or like that. The redoubts of the battle. They’d settle in and a woman was always waiting who got the old stink of the battle off his body, and also, got his body, and was told the best stories you ever heard in your life about how the battle seemed,

rather than how it really was, which I imagine was just pigsh*t and ugly. But she was happy, Jimmie, and you know, sometimes, some of these boys would even bring back the tablets of stone and say,

Look, I found some laws while I was fighting, and she’d say, Get out of those stupid clothes. They’d sleep all night curled up, him saying, I discovered the Thou Shalt Not Eat the Salad with the Dinner Fork,

and her saying, Button it, honey, I got to rise with the dawn and meet Ruth in the corn, and he’d say, What? What’s that? (Pause.) You like my explanation as to how I come to my understanding of life?

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