Deck the Stage – Monologue (Shelley)

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A monologue from the play by Lindsay Price

Shelley explains for the first time to her lab partner Ben why she might not be the friendliest girl at school.


You don’t get off that easy. Sit down! I haven’t even started. Sit down. (She holds out a picture) Ask me who’s in the picture. Ask! That’s my dad.

Pretty handsome guy don’t you think? Ask where he is. Ask where he is! Come on, you wanted to talk; ask where he is. I don’t know. Isn’t that funny?

Isn’t that a scream? I don’t know. Two years ago he went to work on Christmas Eve and he never came home. He stole money from his company and ran away with the boss’ secretary. Merry Christmas!

That’s our nearest guess anyway. No one knows for sure because there hasn’t been one word. Not one. Not a letter. Not a telegram.

Not a postcard. Not an answering machine message. Nothing. He left us with debts up to our ears, and we didn’t even get a goodbye. How’s your dad?

Is he alive? Does he talk to you every day? Well good, ‘cause let me tell you, around here there isn’t much talking.

Around here, we bounce from apartment to apartment and my mom tries to keep working but she’s not very strong. My dad knew that. And he left.

So you’ll have to excuse me if I’m cold, or distant, or pretentious. But my mind’s a little full ‘cause I only got three hours of sleep after working the night shift at the 7­11.

And I could really give a crap about Christmas because all it means is that my father didn’t love my mother and he didn’t love me.

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