CONTROL FREAKS – Monologue (Sister)

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A monologue from the play by Beth Henley

Sister/Spaghetti/Pinkie (about thirty)

Sister Willard is an eccentric character who has Multiple Personality Disorder. In this monologue, “SP” (Spaghetti) and “P” (Pinkie) are two of her other personalities.

Sister has no knowledge of Spaghetti or Pinkie. Pinkie is aware of Spaghetti, who knows all about Pinkie and Sister.

[SIS] Where’s my face? Where’s my face? What have they done with my face? I can’t stand around here without a face that is not going to work, everything must work, let it work out.

Please, I am begging you. Drench, drench. “Can’t you straighten up and fly right?!” Fly — fly — / (Sister races to the window. The noise from the shake machine stops.) [SP] I fell out a window.

I fell out a window. I wanted to fall and crack open my skull./ [P] What would be inside? Oh, such surprises: tangerines, necklaces that sparkle, gold teeth, fine ribbon, chocolate wrapped in red foil.

All my brains are treasures. How wonderful what I see. I could weep with joy. Rainbow tears drift from the window. It’s an outrage. Who will catch the tears? No one is below; I am crying colored tears and no one is below . . .

I smell something. Something bad./ [SP] You don’t./ [P] I can’t help it, I do. I have to tell the truth. To thine own self be true./ [SP] I don’t think so./ [P] I do./ [SP] Yeah?

Well, you’ve never once gotten up and braved the light of day without lying your whole heart out. You tell yourself, I’m not gonna die; what I do is important; my life is good; I’m gonna have a nice day.

Ah, ah, ah! That’s better. Now I can rise to my feet soaked in the c*m of canards and meet the day. Hello, day! Tweet, tweet. The birdies are chirping./ [P] Ooh, aren’t those baby birdies sweet?!/ [SP] I’d like to snap their scrawny necks.

Read the play here

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