Changing Lanes – Monologue (Cynthia)

A monologue from the screenplay by Chap Taylor & Michael Tolkin


I could have married an honest man.

I could’ve lived with a professor of Middle English, for example, if he was a moral man and had tenure at Princeton. 

But I didn’t. I married a Wall Street lawyer.

Which means I married someone who lives in a world where, when a man comes to the edge of things, he has to commit to staying there and living there. 

Can you live there, Gavin? Can you live there with me? You’re not gonna do anything stupid like leaving me.

You’ve had fantasies, I’m sure; so have I, but we’re married. I knew about Michelle. I knew when it was happening, and I knew when it was finished.

And I know you love me. You do love me, and I love you, too. I’m your wife, and I wanna stand beside you. 

Just let me help you, Gavin. Let me help you with this.”

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