Bridgerton – Monologue (Daphne)

A monologue from the tv series created by Chris Van Dusen

(S1- E8)


I know why you made that vow to your father. I found the letters you wrote to him as a child, and I read them.

Just because something is not perfect does not make it any less worthy of love. Your father made you believe otherwise.

He made you believe that you needed to be without fault in order to be loved. But he was wrong.

Should you need any proof of the matter, well then look just here. I’m tired of pretending that I cannot continue acting as… as if I do not love you.

Because I do. I love all of you, even the parts that you think are too dark and too shameful. Every scar, every flaw, every imperfection.

I love you. Now you may think that you are too damaged and too broken to allow yourself to be happy, but you can choose differently Simon.

You can choose to love me as much as I love you. That should not be up to anyone else. That cannot be up to anyone else.

That can only be up to you.

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