Bridge And Tunnel – Monologue (Nikki)

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A monologue from the play by Anne Flanagan

NIKKI (twenties – thirties)

Nikki is in a bar with her friend Tiffany. Tiffany has asked Nikki how many times she has gone out with the guy Nikki has recently started dating. Nikki has found a woman’s shoe in the guy’s apartment.

First I find some random woman’s shoe under his bed and then Tom acted really weird when I brought up the future of our relationship and we’ve already been out three times!! Plus four phone conversations—one that was like 55 minutes—so really, we’ve been out 4.6 times and we’ve had sex twice—

both on date three, which, as I said, was really date 4.6 so it’s not like I’m a sl*t and we had a real connection but now I don’t know what to think! I thought he lived alone;

although he is a teacher and he probably doesn’t make that much money so maybe he has a roommate—but he never mentioned one and I know he’s got a daughter but she lives with her Mom

and I don’t think this was his weekend unless maybe they switched weekends, but I think she’s like ten and this is not the shoe of a ten-year-old. Maybe his daughter was there and his ex came to pick her up

and she lost the shoe but what, then she just left with one shoe? Like, you’d notice something like that right? It’s not an earring. Those, sure, they get lost without you noticing, but a shoe?

No one loses a shoe and doesn’t know it unless they’re totally stoned. Oh My God, what if his ex was there and she was totally stoned—what if they were both high? It’s like an aphrodisiac after all and what if they—OH MY GOD!

Is this his ex’s shoe? Would he tell me? Was she there? Are they TOGETHER? Or is it something else entirely?!

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