Blood Moon – Monologue (Suki)

A monologue from the play by Lila Feinberg

SUKI (twenty-three)

Suki was raised in The Rev. Sung Myung Moon’s Unification Church. Here, she tells her cousin about when she was “Eternally Blessed” to someone by Rev. Moon.

My parents told me there was going to be a spring graduation ball at the East Garden. My mother took me to Saks, and bought me this little white dress —

strapless, with these crystal beads. I loved that dress. She drove me to the Estate, with my best friend Mary —who also grew up in the Church.

The garden was filled with bouquets of white peonies, and lit up with strings of lights. It looked magical. There were hundreds of other kids there, all our age.

This really awesome band played, against the backdrop of the river, and we all danced and danced ‘til sunset. 

Then the sun disappeared into the Hudson, and the band stopped, and Reverend Moon got up to the stage.

And he announced that by the time we leave tonight, we would be Eternally Blessed to someone. At first I thought about sneaking out of the ballroom,

but they had taken my cellphone at the door, and the estate is guarded by heavy security. And I didn’t have any money.

So, I’m trapped there. Then, Reverend Moon starts separating the crowd into men and women, as if he was parting the red sea.

And then, he begins pointing. He points to a boy, then he points to a girl. They are matched. I’m standing there,

frozen, until I see him point to Mary, who’s right in front of  me. She goes off with this greasy Chinese boy with acne.

Then I realize it’s my turn. I was shaking so hard, I could barely stand up when Moon pointed to me. By the time I look over at the men’s side,

three men are standing up. I had no idea which one had been assigned to me. But then, I realize he’s point to the stage—

to the lead singer guy from the band. Zeke. And he steps forward. It was a special match. And in that moment, I felt this burst of relief. 

It was then that I promised God I would never stray from the Church again. That I would atone for all my sins by marrying this man, this musician,

chosen for me by the Messiah. 

(re: her tears

Sorry, I’m just feeling weirdly emotional right now.

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