Blink Of An Eye – Monologue (Celeste)

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A monologue from the play by Jeremy Dobrish

CELESTE (twenties)

Celeste, a guardian angel, is explaining the nature of her job to one of her charges.

Well, you see, being a Guardian Angel is not the greatest job you could ever ask for. I mean, yes, you get certain perks. Stopping time’s not bad, free fries, whatever, but basically it’s a pretty low self-esteem kind of a deal.

No matter how hard you try, you’re destined to fail right? I mean I can watch and watch and watch, and be your guardian and help out as best I can. But ultimately, one of these days (and I’m not saying it’s coming anytime soon OK?

so don’t get all freaky and weird on me) but one of these days someone or something’s gonna act too quickly for me to react and you’re gonna get yours. I mean it’s not like you’re my only client you know what I’m saying?

I’ve got a lot of people to look out for. Not to mention the animals, although I must admit the cats are a little easier cause at least I can blow it a few times with them so I don’t really watch my cats too closely.

Oh, but don’t get me wrong…, I like cats. People…, they try to be in the past, present and future all at the same time, while cats live only in the present, in the eternity of an instant. Ever notice that?

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