BLACK SHEEP – Monologue (Elle)

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A monologue from the play by Lee Blessing


Elle, a woman thirties to forties, is describing a dream she has had to
Carl, a visitor to her home. Her husband is a movie producer.

I had the strangest dream last night. Do you dream? I only have nightmares. At least, I never remember happy dreams. Last night I dreamt that Max and I were in the guest house on the floor, and we were — (Recoiling at the recollection.)

Oh, ugh. Oh . . . oh — ugh. Ugh! Why do we dream, Carl? I mean, why do we? (After a beat.) Max isn’t so bad. It’s just that he wants to make movies. And he’s rich, so he can waste his time anyway he wants.

At first he got his father’s friends to invest in movies he directed himself. Small budgets — a few million, nothing more — but still. They stunk so bad. Not horrendous. I mean, everybody’s movies stink a little, right?

That’s just how movies are — they stink a little. But his. Really stunk. I should know, I’m in
the business. I was the sl*tty one in All the President’s Hookers? Did you see that? Not in prison I guess.

Anyhow, by the time I met Max he was in another end of the industry. We hit it off right away. As friends, I mean. If he wants to nail me, we’ve gotta be married. I’m not like the other girls he’s had — I get a ring.

I mean, look at all this shit around here. Wouldn’t you hold out? Max’s family made some of their money in diamonds. Can you imagine the f*cking ring? It’s gonna happen, too. He really wants to do me. It’s almost funny.

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