Been So Long – Monologue (Simone)

A monologue from the play by Che Walker


No. No. I’m sorry, Raymond, but you’re the type a’ geezer should come with a warning written on you. You’re a child, Raymond.

You’ll cut me up again. You’re a charmer, and you did reach me, but this is not real, I don’t trust it, you’re runnin’ round town f***ing this girl and that,

and already I’m hurt, and we’re not even together, and I feel rejected and ugly and I’m thinkin’ ‘bout her and if you think she’s nicer than me and better than me, 

and that’s all I’m f***ing thinking about since I heard, and I can’t stop wantin’ you and hearin’ you and I resent them things,

I resent it because I’m a proper big woman, Raymond, you understand me, I’m not fifteen, you understand me,

and I’m subjugated already by wanting you so much, and yeah, you say you’ll change but this is what you are,

this is your meat and drink picking up bird and f***ing with their heads just like this, I know all about this, Raymond,

you get us hooked into your orbit and then you sh*t all over us, and I’ve been through this,

this torture so many f***ing times I swore that I’d never ask a man to give me pain again and I know from one good look at you that you can’t stop, 

you don’t have the strength to stop hurting women, and it cuts me because there really is something about you,

darling, something I’ve seen and I really do think that I could love it, and I know it’s the damage that locks you into doing all this bad stuff,

I know that, but you scare me and I gotta go, Raymond, I’m sorry, but now I really must dust because looking at you makes me fifteen again, 

and I’m getting dazzled in my belly, so this is where I get off, I’m sorry because you’re beautiful, and I’m gonna walk away now, Raymond…

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