A Doll’s House Part 2 – Monologue (Anne Marie)

A monologue from the play by Lucas Hnath

ANNE MARIE (fifties – sixties)

—but I do think he should get a dog.
I think if he had a dog he’d be happier,
Not that he’s not happy, I don’t mean that but
He just likes dogs so much.
I see him—he’ll see a dog
And he’ll get so happy,
and likes to pet the dogs
And he lets them lick his face
And he holds them close.

I told him to get a dog and he said no and I said why,
And he said that dogs die.
Dogs die. They get sick, their bodies break, they hurt, and
When that happens he’d have to put the thing out of its misery:
Cut its throat or break its neck or pelt its head with a rock,
And he doesn’t want to come to love something
Only to have to kill it.

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