1883 – Monologue (Elsa)

A monologue from the tv series created by Taylor Sheridan

(S1 – E1)

Elsa Dutton

I remember the first time I saw it. Tried to find words to describe it. But I couldn’t. Nothing had prepared me.

No books. No teachers. Not even my parents. I heard a thousand stories… 

But none could describe this place. It must be witnessed to be understood. And yet, I’ve seen it. And I understand it less than when I first cast eyes on this place.

Some called it the American Desert. Others, the Great Plains. But those phrases were invented by professors at universities.

Surrounded by the illusion of order. And the fantasy of right and wrong. 

To know it, you must walk. Bleed until it’s dark. Drown in its rivers. Then its name becomes clear. It is Hell.

And there are demons everywhere. But if this is Hell, then I must be a demon, too. And I’m already dead.

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