1883 – Monologue (Elsa – 4)

A monologue from the tv series created by Taylor Sheridan

(S1 – E6)


We were leaving Texas, entering the Indian territory and redefining our meaning of unknown.

Far from the cities that have paved the world away, and the farms which had turned it into a resource. 

We were no longer under the cloud of civilization. Only sky above us now. No more walking over bridges.

Out here, we swim horseback through rivers. There is nowhere to chain love to vows and ceremony. 

Out here, love burns through you like a fever.

And when the devil comes to strip that love from you, there is no funeral or song or speeches that dull our senses and deaden our hearts. 

Out here, you turn towards the pain as it tears into you. And you let it. When you do, the devil gets bored.

He sees another soul to eat. And you get to live again.

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