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1. Adventure Stage Chicago 

Theatre for Children & Young Audiences | Chicago, Illinois

Experience theatre like never before with a unique blend of participatory arts, social services, and community engagement.

The Adventure Stage Chicago program is a unique opportunity to explore the world through theatre, art, and social action.

They’re a company that believes in the power of theatre and the potential of community.

They have a firm believe that theatre is a force for change and that every community should have access to high quality, participatory experiences.

Adventure Stage Chicago has a team of artists, educators, and social service providers who’ve come together to create an experience that’s engaging, meaningful, and accessible.

With an emphasis on community engagement, ASC creates opportunities for all to experience the joy and wonder of live theatre.

This is a theatre that brings you into the world of your favorite stories.

The company’s mission is to tell stories from the perspective of underrepresented voices, to give voice to those who do not have it, and to challenge preconceived notions about what a theater company should be.

“We really believe that by portraying young people ( onstage ) as heroes, we are inspiring them to be active, positive contributors to their community,” said Tom Arvetis, the company’s producing director.

12-year-old theatre provides a variety of education and community programs that focus on critical literacy and storytelling. Children ages 9–14 can find many things to learn through these workshops.

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2. Alliance Theatre, Atlanta

Alliance Theatre is a national treasure and Atlanta’s premier professional theatre company, producing more than 100 original productions each year and professionally launching important American musicals with a strong track record of Broadway.

The Alliance Theatre consistently engages with its local community through radical inclusion and catalytic experiences.

From its inception, it has been committed to providing opportunities for people from all different backgrounds to participate in their work as actors, designers, and directors.

Alliance Theatre is an example of how theatre can be used as a tool to engage with its local community, build bridges and create social change.

The Alliance Theatre believes that “the performing arts are transformative.” They use theatre as a way to connect with their audience, which includes people from all walks of life, including those who have never seen live theatre before.

Alliance Theatre is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all areas of their organization and programming.

They believe that the arts can be a place where people come together to celebrate difference, learn from each other, share common experiences that are often difficult to articulate otherwise.

The mission of Alliance Theatre is to expand hearts and minds on stage and off by creating work that people from all walks of life can enjoy.

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3. Boston Ballet


Boston Children’s Theater is a world-renowned performing arts center that offers a wide range of classes and programs.

The theater offers a variety of classes, including professional dance training, ballet, modern dance, and so on.

They offer training for the next generation of professional ballet dancers and the highest quality dance education for all.

The theater has been a place where children ( ages 2 throiugh adult ) can come and explore the arts, and it is important that we honor their rich artistic heritage as they continue to push the boundaries of dance.

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4. Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta

The Center for Puppetry Arts is a magical place where children and adults come together to learn, laugh, and be entertained.

They offer curriculum-based workshops, and the hands-on Museum, as well as Digital Learning and Outreach Programs.

The Center for Puppetry Arts is also known as being the global leader in the art of puppetry.

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5. Children’s Theatre of Charlotte

The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte is an ideal place to take your children, as they will be immersed in the world of the arts and performing arts.

This theatre company is not only a place where children can explore their creativity, but also a place where they can learn how to express themselves through writing and acting.

They have a unique way to engage children in the arts and help them find their voice through a wide range of productions.

The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte is committed to providing exceptional experiences for all ages, so whether you are new to the arts or want your child to be exposed, this theatre company may be perfect for you!

The Theatre is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment where children are encouraged to explore the wonder of their world through the arts.

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6. Children’s Theatre Company, Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) is one of the most successful early childhood arts education programs in the country.

It is the nation’s largest and most acclaimed theatre for young people.

They create extraordinary theatre experiences that educate, challenge, and inspire young people and their communities.

Their programs have a transformative effect on children and families, igniting the power of curiosity, empathy, and imagination.

The CTC has been providing students with opportunities to perform, explore different techniques, and work with professional artists, to inspire creativity and collaboration.

They provide a safe space for children to explore their creativity and build self-esteem through theater.

The company also offers training opportunities for students from across the country who want to pursue a career in theater, dance, music, or visual arts.

7. Childsplay, Tempe, Ariz

Childsplay is a theatre company that produces new, challenging, thought-provoking theatre for young people.

They believe that children are intelligent and creative beings who deserve the best of theatre.

Childsplay has been called the “Disneyland of Theatre” because they create performances that are so engaging and interactive.

They believe in love and respect for art, preserving imagination, wonder, and giving children a safe space where they can explore their creativity without judgment.

Childsplay has two locations in Arizona – one in Tempe and one in Phoenix – but they also tour across the world to bring their playhouse to different cities.

The Tempe, Arizona-based theatre company is dedicated to preserving imagination and wonder for all children.

The company is also nationally and internationally recognized for its commitment to the arts.

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8. Columbus Children’s Theatre

The Columbus Children’s Theatre is committed to fostering self-esteem, self-discovery, emphasizing discipline, integrity and team-building skills in children.

They believe that these skills are crucial to success in life and they are essential for the children who attend their programs.

The Columbus Children’s Theatre is committed to providing opportunities for children, families and communities to explore the art of theatre.

Their mission is to change lives through the power of the stage.

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9. Dallas Children’s Theater

Dallas Children’s Theater is a collaborative, educational theater for children, families, and educators.

They are a venue for the arts, providing opportunities for local artists to create new works and collaborate with established artists.

Their mission is to provide an outstanding experience that inspires creativity and fosters collaboration.

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10. Honolulu Theater for Youth, Hawaii


HTY is an innovative theatre company that’s redefining the way theatre is taught and delivered.

Their innovative curriculum, combined with their commitment to social justice and the arts, makes HTY a unique, socially-based education and art form that helps their participants and audiences walk in the shoes of others.

Honolulu Theater produces professional theatre and drama education programs that make a difference in the lives of young people, families and educators.

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11. Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.

The Kennedy Center is a professional development center for educators, artists, and families.

They provide a wide range of classes, workshops, and performances for young audiences.

Their programs are designed to encourage creative expression, build confidence in students and teachers, and develop a lifelong love of the arts.

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12. Lexington Children’s Theater, Lexington, Ky.

Lexington Children’s Theater has a mission to create imaginative and compelling theatre experiences for young people and families.

They believe that theater is a powerful medium that can help children develop language, literacy, social skills, cognitive skills, creativity, and imagination.

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13. Metro Theater Company, St. Louis

Metro Theater Company is a professional theater company that creates theatre for young people and their communities.

They offer a range of programs, from youth development initiatives to professional theater productions and a nurturing space for young people to build their confidence, express themselves creatively, and learn through the arts.

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14. Oregon Children’s Theater, Portland, Ore.

Oregon Children’s Theatre creates exceptional theater experiences that transform lives.

They believe theater and storytelling can educate, empower, inspire, and entertain in remarkable ways.

Oregon Children’s Theatre – vision, is that all children, families, and communities have access to the magic of theater.

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15. Seattle Children’s Theater

Seattle Children’s Theater is a professional theater company dedicated to providing children of all ages with access to professional theatre.

Their mission is to provide access to professional theatre, with a focus on new works and theatre education.

SCT offer a wide range of experiences that include new works, theatre education, and community outreach.

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16. South Coast Repertory, Costa Mesa, Calif.

The South Coast Repertory is the mother of all arts attractions in the area. With over 40 years of experience, they’ve got a lot to offer their audiences, including a diverse range of live performances and family-friendly events.

There’s no better way to spend your day than at this theater.

South Coast Repertory is the perfect place to enjoy a live performance with your family.

Their TYA arrangement is designed for young children and families to enjoy together, and the entertainers are always available after every show for pictures and autographs.

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17. Youthful Performers Theater (Anthony Manning Kunin Foundation) (San Francisco)

Youthful Performers Theatre is an exciting new way to learn and grow as an artist. They offer classes, exhibitions, and the opportunity to jump in front of an audience.

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Children’s theaters can benefit your children by providing opportunities to learn, explore and grow.

They have also shown a positive impact on the quality of life for children and their families.

Let us know which theatre you planning on attending or sending your kid to, in the comments below…

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